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Back from the abyss: Prediction Review

Posted in Baltimore Orioles, Pittsburgh Penguins, Sixers on June 7, 2011 by birdbytes

It’s been too long since my last post here, and it’s time to eat my words on the NHL and NBA predictions.  It’s also time to say “I told you so” about the O’s.

I predicted the Penguins would advance past round 1, and they were one win away from doing so.  But Tampa caught Lightning in a bottle (pun intended) and rode that all the way to the East finals.  There’s always next year…

The Sixers prediction was more tongue-in-cheek, and they played competitively in game-to-game but overall the Heat were too much for the Sixers.

The Orioles are four games under .500 headed into today.  They’ve won 27 games already, which they hadn’t done last year until July.  I hear people say stuff like “take out that 6-1 start, and they are…” But you can’t take those wins away — they count!  If you take the first seven games out of this season, you have to take the first seven out of last season for comparison.  They were reverse that last year.  Those games DO count.

Anyway I thought the O’s would be a 75 win team.  I went on the record, saying as much on 105.7 the Fan back in April.  At the time, the announcers thought I was crazy to think that 75 wins would be a successful season for the Orioles.

See, the O’s are a .500 club.  They’ll hang around .500 all season, and they’ll lose 4 and 5 in a row at times.  It will be frustrating for the fans that don’t look at the standings from a year ago.  I keep reminding myself that (A) they are not a playoff team, and (B) they are on pace to win 75-80 games.  Then I go back to one year ago in the standings.

Take a look:

2010 Orioles on June 7:  16-21 and 21 games back

2011 Orioles on June 7: 27-31 and 6.5 games back

11 game improvement in the win column and 14.5 game improvement in the standings.  Still in last place, but hey… I’ll take progress.

I’m heading to the Yard tonight for O’s-A’s.  Go O’s!

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