Penguins, Sixers End Seasons on Same Night

Well, that was anti-climactic and maybe even a little unsettling.

I will be able to look back on the season for the Penguins as a success in a few weeks.  But the way the Penguins let a 3-1 series lead slip out of their grips like they did, floundering in games 5 and 6 in all phases and then letting multiple power play opportunities get away in game 7, that was disappointing.

I know they’ve enjoyed a great run of success and it’s a great accomplishment to have come this far without their top two offensive weapons in Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.  I expected them to win this series, especially after going up 3-1.  So last night was a letdown.

The Sixers on the other hand, nobody really expected them to hang with the Heat.  4 of the 5 games were competitive games in which the Sixers had chances at the end to win, including last night.  One of those the Sixers did win with an impressive 10-0 run at home on Sunday.

The Sixers are a young team with a great future.  They’ll need to have an aggressive offseason to try to bring in one or two bona-fide stars.

For both of these teams, the season ends the same way the Eagles season ended: first round playoff exits.

If the Orioles season ends in the same way, I think that would be considered a huge success… one can dream.


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