Pittsburgh Penguins: Playoff Time

Wednesday the Penguins drop the puck at 7:08 PM Eastern Time on the first playoff game inside their new digs at Consol Energy Center.

For those of you who haven’t been following the Penguins the last few years or more, it is electricity inside and outside – on the big screen – to be a part of a playoff hockey series.

For me, I love the NFL more than any other sport.  However, hockey playoffs are hands down the greatest sports have to offer.  There is nothing better than 20,000 white towels (or red or orange if you’re a Caps or Flyers fan) waving in unison.  Or watching an entire town erupt when Chris Kunitz (because we don’t have Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin at the moment) light the lamp.

I’m going with Penguins in 6 to take down the Lightning.  I think they’ll come out tomorrow night and have a tough time, but win in overtime.  Seems to be their M.O. lately to win tight, low-scoring games in OT.

Lets go Pens!


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