Sixers Postseason: Bold Predictions

Here we are in April and the Orioles started off hot, with four wins in a row, and appear (at this moment it’s 6-3 Tigers in the 7th) headed for their first loss of the year.

I’m excited about the start of their year and am headed there for game three tomorrow night, but it’s also playoff time in the NHL and NBA, and the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia 76ers will be representing me well this season.

This week I want to make some “bold” predictions about these two teams heading into the postseason.

Jrue HolidayLet’s start tonight with the likely sixth-or-seventh seeded Sixers (say that ten times fast). Before I begin, I just want to remind you that I believed in the Sixers before they were in the mix.

  • Bold prediction #1: The Sixers will retain the sixth seed, regardless of the outcome of tonights game against the Knicks
  • #2: Sixers versus Heat in round 1
  • #3: Sixers take Heat to 7 games and win on the road — epic upset of the “big three”
  • Sixers postseason MVP: Evan Turner (close second to Jrue Holiday)

Let me rationalize this a bit, since Sixers winning in round 1 is a bit of a reach.  You see, the Heat will go into this series relaxed and the Sixers will be bringing their “A” game.  I think they’ll steal the first game on the road, win two at home and then come out on fire in game seven.  Now, don’t go betting the farm on this, but I like the matchup of Heat-Sixers in round one.


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