Big Games: Penguins vs. Flyers

Thursday at 7 o’clock eastern time, the keystone state will drop the puck on one of two key match-ups in the next two weeks.

This one is extremely big for the Penguins.  They will enter the game trailing their cross-state rivals by 5 points.  If they want to have any shot at catching the Orange and Black, this one is a must win.  A loss will set them back six points with only one head-to-head remaining.

A win, however, especially if it is in regulation, would change the chase.  That would put the Pens just 3 points behind the Flyers with one remaining head-to-head.  Then if they simply keep pace, beat the Flyers again and get one more win than the Flyers, we’re looking at a division winner and top 3 in the conference.  Why is that important?

For starters, it’s always better to win the division.  If they get one of the top two or three spots, there is a good chance they’ll have home ice through the first two rounds.  It also means they would most likely avoid playing the Caps or Flyers until, at earliest, the conference finals.  The Caps have owned the Penguins this season, and they are on a roll.

It also would give this team a confidence boost heading into the playoffs.

Bottom line, this is entertainment and it is gearing up for the postseason.

Who will claim the best hockey team in PA?


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