2011 Baltimore Orioles Preview: Second Base

The 2010 Orioles were missing a major presence in the middle of the infield – and top of the batting order – for about two thirds of the season.  We’re talking about an All Star defensive second baseman with the ability to hit well in the top spot, and an excellent baserunner with the ability to steal  a lot of bases.

Welcome back a healthy Brian Roberts, O’s fans.

Last season Roberts played in just 59 games but hit .278 with 14 doubles, 12 stolen bases, and 28 runs scored.  However, that sample included some time playing hurt so look back to the prior season.  In ’09 Roberts stole 30 bases, 56 doubles and scored 110 runs while batting .283.

You can’t tell me they didn’t miss Roberts last season with those numbers (56 doubles is very, very good).

Not only is Roberts healthy, but he sounds more excited this season because the front office is finally showing that they want to try to win games.  Just imagine Roberts getting on base for Markakis, Guerrero and Lee.  That should produce some runs in the top four spots in this lineup.

He might not be the best player on the team any longer (Markakis, Jones) but he is still a force that the Orioles will be glad to have back this season.

Grade: A


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