Pro Bowl Will Be Fun With Michael Vick Starting

The NFL Pro Bowl is typically a celebration of the season that was.  While to some extent that remains true for the players and coaches involved, the Super Bowl is less than one week away.  I’m not sure that holding the game the week before THE game is the NFL’s best idea, but it’s not like the Pro Bowl is all that exciting anyway.

However, this year is going to be different.  The headliner in Honolulu this week?  Michael Vick – redemption story of the century (this year).  We will all be able to watch his raw abilities on display on Sunday evening for about a quarter or so, without having to watch him take agonizing hit after agonizing hit.  You see, in this game there is no blitzing and it is all about offense.

If you thought quarterbacks were over-protected during the season, just wait until the Pro Bowl.  Usually the extra rules make for a yawn-fest.  But this weekend, I’m excited about watching the Mike Vick Experience in Hawaii.  It’s going to be a game (for about a half) worth tuning into.


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