5 Teams in Central PA (Number 3)

This is the third entry in the five part series essentially suggesting five minor league teams that you should check out if you live in or are visiting Central PA this year.  Not a popularity contest, these teams have a tradition of winning.  The first two were the Central Penn Piranha football team at #5 and the Harrisburg Horizon basketball team (men’s and women’s) at #4.

3. Harrisburg City Islanders

Let me be quite up front.  I am not really a soccer fan.  However, this past summer I had the opportunity to attend two MLS games down at PPL Park in Chester County to see the Philadelphia Union (who happen to be the parent club of the City Islanders).  Really great atmosphere down there.  The “Sons of Ben” make the games feel like you’re in Europe, watching futbol.

The City Islanders are a perennial playoff contender and won a championship in 2007.  They’ve played against MLS teams such as the Union (now I suspect this will be an annual event on the island), and even Manchester United.  If you want to see some good soccer, head out to the City Islanders web site for more info, and head to Skyline stadium this season.


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