Five (Semi) Pro Teams to Check Out in Central PA

Living in Central Pennsylvania, we have plenty of choices when it comes to rooting for pro sports teams.  We’re a few hours from Philly, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C. and New York City.  If you want to drive for a day, we are not far from the Ohio cities (Cleveland and Cincinatti) and even Buffalo, NY.

In the wake of a recession, aside from catching an occasional Orioles game from the nosebleed seats, I do not always have the luxury of heading to a pro event.  So over the course of the next five days, I wanted to share with you what I feel are the top five minor league teams you need to check out in 2011.  The best thing is, these teams are all in our own backyard.

5. Central Penn Piranha

The Piranha play their home games at East Pennsboro High School in Enola, PA and are the winningest team in minor league football history.  In sixteen seasons, they have compiled a 227-16 record and won 2 National championships.

For more information about the Piranha and to check their schedule, visit their web site.

Check back tomorrow for number 4.


6 Responses to “Five (Semi) Pro Teams to Check Out in Central PA”

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  3. Harold Williams II Says:

    Its Piranha, not Pirhana !

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