Eagles-Packers Preview: Part 3

Special Teams

Bobby April was brought in to instill discipline on special teams, especially in kickoff coverage. One of the frustrations this year has been seeing the Eagles score, kickoff and watch the opposing team consistently return the ball to the 35 or 40-yard line. David Akers is having a monster season, booming kickoffs into the end zone, but when that doesn’t occur the Eagles struggle in coverage. Some other areas to improve heading into the Wild Card Round:

  • Kickoff returns: When was the last time we saw the Eagles return a kickoff for more than 10 to 15 yards?
  • DeSean on Punt Return Team: We need to get Jackson involved in every way possible at this time of year
  • Sav Rocca: He’s got to have a great game to help our defense with the field position battle. Sunday he badly missed a punt that went off his foot and only about 20-30 yards. None of that will be sufficient against Green Bay

The Eagles have an advantage if the game comes down to a field goal – home field and David Akers.  If it’s about field position, the Packers have the edge.

Tomorrow, I’ll analyze the coaching needs for the Eagles and unveil my official pick.


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